TeleForce Title

TeleForce is an ambient-electronic project which began on an Amiga 500 computer in the mid-nineties.  Using the tracker OctaMED, I composed 4-track scores for my school film projects. Early influences included the synth-based soundtracks of the science-fiction film genre (Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder) and the SID-based computer game music of Rob Hubbard. Later, the works of Pink Floyd, Skinny Puppy, Boards of Canada, Air and Radiohead would help shape the TeleForce sound and define its place in the ambient music genre.


EPs / Albums

Approaching Dominance / Released Oct 10 2014

Approaching Dominance Album Cover by TeleForce



Compulsion / Released Feb 20 2014

Compulsion Single Album Cover by TeleForce

Love Mécanique / Released Jan 01 2013

Love Mecanique Single Album Cover by TeleForce

Tokyo 84 / Released Jan 01 2010

Tokyo 84 by TeleForce



Love Mécanique – Official Film from Mark Wilson (X) on Vimeo.