Music for Film


Hostile Worlds / Sci-fi Action / Released September 16 2014

The ultimate sci-fi-thriller-action movie soundtrack: Hostile worlds, alien attacks, and the maddening infinity of deep space. Talk to me, Hudson!

Hostile Worlds Album Cover


A Dancer in São Paulo / Acoustic / Released January 23 2014

Down the squalid alleyways of a São Paulo slum, children kick an old ball, their toothless grins giving way to laughter as they chase after one another.  Along a garbage-ridden riverbank in Jakarta, an old women bends into the putrid brown water, her ancient fingers grasping for something of value, so that she may feed her family.  Around the ornate facade of the Bali Bombing memorial, gatherers embrace each other, looking for the names of loved ones, unable to hold back their tears.

Such images of beauty, sadness, and pity were part of an unfinished documentary for which this bittersweet collection of acoustic songs was written.

Recorded almost a decade ago, these songs have since been polished up and remastered for this long overdue release.

A Dancer in Sao Paulo Soundtrack Album Cover


Outside the Wire / Released July 22 2013

7 songs inspired by the continual unrest in Afghanistan and the perils one faces outside the wire.

Featuring detuned hand drums, bowed strings, improvised percussion and other unusual sounds to create a drifting, uncertain atmosphere.

Outside the Wire - Soundtrack Album Cover