Some of my film projects. For HD versions, please visit my Vimeo page Mark Wilson (X).


The Great Fish-man of England / Documentary Short / Dir: Mark Wilson

A short montage documenting the greatest fishing day in Port Perry’s history — the day the tourist fish came out to play.

Yes, some fish were maimed and generally terrorized during the making of this trivial film.

Shot in and around Lake Scugog, on a Canon 7D with blatant abuse of shallow focus courtesy of a Nikon 50mm 1.4f lens and an ND fader.

Music by Explosions in the Sky.


Multiple Rockets 001 /  Motion Graphics Test / Dir: Mark Wilson

Quick C4D/AE test of….rockets.

Audio clip from The Andromeda Strain (1971).


Love Mécanique / Animated Music Video / Dir: Mark Wilson

Set in a sterile, metaphysical void, Love Mécanique is the story of two inert beings who, through the gift of life, discover how to move, dance and eventually love.

The official music video for the song of the same name by TeleForce.


Pinwheel / Dramatic Short / Dir: Marcus Matyas

Pinwheel explores the story behind a moment when two mismatched strangers share a glance
during the morning rush hour. The stare holds something familiar, an innocent romance from the
past, relived through a series of short vignettes. But as the moment collapses, the memory
fades and the two very different lives must carry on.

Featuring: Martin Lindquist, Melissa Ambridge, Alyssa Owsiany, Aaron Stern

Written and Directed by: Marcus Matyas
Produced by: Mark Wilson & Marcus Matyas


Love Mécanique / Trailer 

The trailer for the upcoming animated music video “Love Mécanique” by TeleForce.


Dune Sea Sequence / Outtake / Dir: Mark Wilson

An outtake for a music video by Bad Motivator. Just playing around with some C4d and AE. Official video coming 2014.


The Great Buckhorn Duel / Timelapse / Dir: Mark Wilson

The great badminton duel of 2011.
Players: “Short Ball” Wilson, The Boy, Kazabags, Syd The Squid, Capt. Mingler.

Music by Julio Sagreras

Canon 7D timelapse
Tilt Shift in AE


Driving into Toy Clouds / Timelapse / Dir: Mark Wilson

Toronto to Buckhorn Lake, August 2011.
Canon 7D

Music by Teleforce


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