TeleForce Approaching Dominance Title

Approaching Dominance by TeleForce / Ambient, Electronic / Released Oct 10, 2014

Just released: “Approaching Dominance”, the new album from TeleForce.

This ambient-electronic recording is a journey into a dark, uncertain wonder; a meticulous construct of imperfect textures and grainy atmospheres.

Yes, this record took a painfully long time to piece together but I’m really happy with the final feel of it. It’s a deliberately nostalgic affair drawing on some early-eighties soundtracks for inspiration (Firestarter by Tangerine Dream and Opera sauvage by Vangelis to name a few). But I didn’t want it to be the sort of endless soundscape that hangs in the background and I think the beats pull everything together and keep things moving up the middle.

Available now on BANDCAMP.


Approaching Dominance Album Cover by TeleForce


Hostile Worlds

Hostile Worlds by Mark Wilson / Sci-fi-Action Soundtrack / Released Sept 16, 2014

For the past year or so I’ve been quietly composing a collection of songs for what I’m calling the “ultimate sci-fi-thriller-action movie soundtrack”.

Well, it may not be the ultimate, but here it is….

“Hostile Worlds” is an edgy, intense thrust into an uncertain future — a deep, dark outer space where no one can hear you scream. Or fire a pulse-rifle.

I was inspired to write these songs after reading Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War — something about “marines in space” (pre-Aliens) and the explicit parallels to what was, at the time of writing, a very real and horrifying Vietnam War conjured up these wrenching metallic sounds and pounding drum patterns.

In the words of Vasquez, “Let’s rock!”

Hostile Worlds Album Cover


I’ve been listening to this Vangelis album lately and thought I would steal the title for a few photos I wanted to share.

“L’Opera sauvage” was an international documentary series by French filmmaker Frédéric Rossif, exploring the relation between man, music and animals. Few have seen the series since it was broadcast in the late 1970s and early 80s, however, the dreamy, sparse musical arrangements composed by new-age synth pioneer Vangelis have endured on a compilation album of the same name. This is personally my favourite Vangelis release — it’s not geeky or overly synth heavy like some of his later works.

The popular song “L’Enfant” was used to great effect in the film The Year of Living Dangerously by Peter Weir.

Photos by Mark Wilson.


Compulsion Single Album Cover by TeleForce

Compulsion (Single) by TeleForce / Electronic / Released February 20, 2014

Two hot-off-the-press electronic tracks from the forthcoming TeleForce album “Approaching Dominance” (due out in Summer 2014).

Compulsion is the alpha track, uneasy yet seductive with its haunting melody and muscular bassline. As the tension rises, an unflinching beat takes hold and compels the listener toward that elusive emotion between control and total surrender.

We’re Physical is a hypnotic journey — a meticulous aural construct with mathematical undertones driven by a simplified beat. While the bittersweet notes scatter in infinite perfect patterns, the primitive bass pulls with its own profound gravity.

Download for free from BANDCAMP or SOUNDCLOUD.


Compulsion Single Album Cover by TeleForce


A Dancer in Sao Paulo

A Dancer in São Paulo by Mark Wilson / Soundtrack / Released Jan 23, 2014

Down the squalid alleyways of a São Paulo slum, children kick an old ball, their toothless grins giving way to laughter as they chase after one another.  Along a garbage-ridden riverbank in Jakarta, an old women bends into the putrid brown water, her ancient fingers grasping for something of value, so that she may feed her family.  Around the ornate facade of the Bali Bombing memorial, gatherers embrace each other, looking for the names of loved ones, unable to hold back their tears.

Such images of beauty, sadness, and pity were part of an unfinished documentary for which this bittersweet collection of acoustic songs was written.

Recorded almost a decade ago, these songs have since been polished up and remastered for this long overdue release.

Click HERE to purchase.
A Dancer in Sao Paulo Soundtrack Album Cover