The TeleForce Recording Company

The TFRC is a Toronto-based music, film, media and animation company owned and operated by me, Mark Wilson. Mostly, I specialize in music production for film, TV & web, as well as provide full service post audio from sound design to mix. I’ve mixed spots for Kubota, Cadillac, Psion, Mazda, Hyundai, Lexus among others.

I also release ambient, electronic and post-rock recordings under various names including TeleForce, The Secret Method, Bad Motivator, and plain old Mark Wilson.

What can I say, I like the way things sound.

I also make short films and animations.

My latest pet project, the animated music video Love Mécanique, is now complete and available on Vimeo.


Mark Wilson (x) Photo for TeleForce Recording Company

About Me, Mark Wilson

I was born in the North East of England and moved to Canada with my family when I was seven.  I grew up in a beer-swilling hockeytown that made cars and surrounded myself with the typical comforts of an 80’s suburban childhood.  I rode a BMX bike from Zellers, wore track pants from Bargain Harold’s, collected GI Joes and listened to Michael Jackson and Duran Duran records. Then our family got a Commodore 64 and that changed everything.

Growing up I wanted to be a hacker, filmmaker, musician, writer and photographer.  I’ve somehow managed to be a bit of each.  Not so much hacking maybe.

Mark Wilson (x) Photo for TeleForce Recording CompanyI’ve spent my career at the National Film Board of Canada’s Ontario Centre as the Production Supervisor. Over the years I’ve worked on some pretty exciting projects including a few recent gems: Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell, My Prairie Home, and a couple of stereoscopic 3D films; Let The Daylight Into The Swamp (an experimental doc) and A Sea Turtle Story (a stop-motion animation).

My incomplete filmography is here: Mark Wilson (x) IMDB

The rest of the time, I’m making music, taking pictures, creating animations and being a father (storyteller, playmate, magician, big bad wolf et al) to my two beautiful little girls.

Contact me HERE.