“Approaching Dominance” A New Ambient Album by TeleForce

TeleForce Approaching Dominance Title

Approaching Dominance by TeleForce / Ambient, Electronic / Released Oct 10, 2014

Just released: “Approaching Dominance”, the new album from TeleForce.

This ambient-electronic recording is a journey into a dark, uncertain wonder; a meticulous construct of imperfect textures and grainy atmospheres.

Yes, this record took a painfully long time to piece together but I’m really happy with the final feel of it. It’s a deliberately nostalgic affair drawing on some early-eighties soundtracks for inspiration (Firestarter by Tangerine Dream and Opera sauvage by Vangelis to name a few). But I didn’t want it to be the sort of endless soundscape that hangs in the background and I think the beats pull everything together and keep things moving up the middle.

Available now on BANDCAMP.


Approaching Dominance Album Cover by TeleForce


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