“Hostile Worlds” a Sci-Fi-Action Soundtrack

Hostile Worlds

Hostile Worlds by Mark Wilson / Sci-fi-Action Soundtrack / Released Sept 16, 2014

For the past year or so I’ve been quietly composing a collection of songs for what I’m calling the “ultimate sci-fi-thriller-action movie soundtrack”.

Well, it may not be the ultimate, but here it is….

“Hostile Worlds” is an edgy, intense thrust into an uncertain future — a deep, dark outer space where no one can hear you scream. Or fire a pulse-rifle.

I was inspired to write these songs after reading Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War — something about “marines in space” (pre-Aliens) and the explicit parallels to what was, at the time of writing, a very real and horrifying Vietnam War conjured up these wrenching metallic sounds and pounding drum patterns.

In the words of Vasquez, “Let’s rock!”

Hostile Worlds Album Cover


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