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My short film Love Mécanique is now officially out in the internet cosmos, courtesy of Vimeo and YouTube.  This is the debut animated film from the TeleForce Recording Company.  It is also the official music video for the song of the same name by TeleForce.

Set in a sterile, metaphysical void, Love Mécanique is the story of two inert beings – a man and a woman – who are bestowed the gift of life.  They yearn to move, to explore their physical potential, but their new bodies are at first clumsy and inflexible.  In their minds they imagine that they are fluid, elegant machines, able to walk, swim and dance with perfect grace.  As their bodies awaken, the muscles relax, and soon they become the eloquent creatures that they have dreamed of being – able to move, feel and eventually love.

Check it out:

Love Mécanique – Official Film from Mark Wilson (X) on Vimeo.


Film Scores, Cult Gems, A Spontaneous Curation

I love a good film.  And let’s face it, most of the good films I love were made in the 1970′s, but that’s not important right now.

Once in a while I’m asked to compose some music for a film and since I love music and film, I usually jump at the chance.  It’s a rewarding task but rarely an easy one.  While creating a song can be a totally free and expressive process that can take you anywhere, composing music to picture is menaced with all sorts of variables to consider, like dialogue, moods, cues, etc.  It’s a finicky little art, and one misplaced gong here or a goofy slide-whistle there and the whole scene is ruined — or it’s genius (Ladyhawke?).

So on the subject of soundtracks, I thought I’d share a few of the goodies from my collection — the ones that I pull from the old milk-crate from time to time as inspiration or just good listening.

This little assemblage doesn’t include the obvious masterworks by the likes of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore and company.  (Incidentally there’s a great little doc on Howard Shore here produced by my colleague Gerry Flahive: A Composer’s Dream)  Sure, the Star Wars music is probably the most recognized and awesome-est score ever.  It should have top billing with big bells on.  Agreed.  But what I am attempting to pull together here are some of the lesser-known or long forgotten gems — a dirty dozen if you will — the types of scores that you can put on shuffle along with The Dark Side of the Moon and OK Computer at your next social without fear of the “Cantina Band” song making you look like a total nerfherder.

Now that you just remembered how the Cantina song goes….stop thinking about it right now.

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