Our short film “Pinwheel” will be part of the NSI Online Short Film Festival, beginning in January 2013.  Congrats to Marcus Matyas, director, who also co-produced along with myself, and a big thanks to the cast and crew who made this short but significant film possible.

PINWHEEL from Marcus Matyas on Vimeo.

You can view the film in HD here: Pinwheel

The official blurb:

Pinwheel explores the story behind a moment when two mismatched strangers share a glance during the morning rush hour. The stare holds something familiar, an innocent romance from the past, relived through a series of short vignettes. But as the moment collapses, the memory fades and the two very different lives must carry on.

Featuring: Martin Lindquist, Melissa Ambridge, Alyssa Owsiany, Aaron Stern

Written and Directed by: Marcus Matyas
Produced by: Mark Wilson & Marcus Matyas
Cinematography by: Christopher Logan & Andrew Brose
Composer: Michael Zebik
1st Assistant Director: Geoff Davidson
Editor: Marcus Matyas
Sound Editor: Mark Wilson
Additional Camera: Mark Wilson & David Spowart
Still Photography: David Spowart

Additional Cast: Helen Johns, Rebecca Liddiard, Hugh Logan, Wesley Musngi, Jan Logan, Andrew Sneyd, Kirk McPherson, Wayne Dunkley, Dan Thornhill, Sadie Sneyd

Special thanks to: Ben Goldenberg, Branden Bratuhin, Kate Vollum, Pia Wilson, Sarah Arruda

Filmed using RED MX and Canon 7D


P1 On Location - Feature Photo by Mark Wilson

This past summer, I had the chance to get “into the pit” with the good guys at Raging Indifference for a new TV series called “P1”, which documents a season of the Canadian Touring Car Championship races.

I was originally brought on as Post-Production Supervisor, but what joy is pushing schedules and deliverables and all that stuff when the real fun is hanging around a bunch of high-performance race cars going mach 5??  When producers Geoff Davidson and Marcus Matyas needed a sound guy in a pinch, I jumped into my gear and headed up to Mosport to get my slice of the action.

Mosport P1 CTCC Racing

As you can imagine, a speedway is hardly the ideal location for sound recording and I had to keep my kit pretty lean as there was a lot of following different people around.  I tried mainly to use the Sennheiser MKH416 boom and backed up any interviews with a wireless lav, all channeled to a Sound Devices 788T multi-track recorder.  Seemed to work pretty well.  The post audio was handled expertly by Roman Zebik.

On a side note, my esteemed producers forgot to tell me that you couldn’t wear shorts in the pit, and of course I didn’t bring any pants.  A lovely fellow from the Media Racing Team was kind enough to lend me a pair of very small and very tight black jeans.  Somewhere out there, there’s a picture of me looking very “fashionable” in the world’s skinniest black jeans….just needed a trucker hat to complete the hipster outfit….