This is a great short documentary by Duane Hopkins and Samm Haillay of Third Films. If you’ve ever been to a Sunderland vs. Newcastle Premiership darby, this riveting spectacle of hooliganism will look quite familiar. For those who have not, the smoldering violence is terrifying. Not the type of “sporting” event you would want to bring your children to — although clearly some do. A great watch.

Watch it on vimeo:

Twelfth Man (2014) from Third Films on Vimeo.


TeleForce Approaching Dominance Title

Approaching Dominance by TeleForce / Ambient, Electronic / Released Oct 10, 2014

Just released: “Approaching Dominance”, the new album from TeleForce.

This ambient-electronic recording is a journey into a dark, uncertain wonder; a meticulous construct of imperfect textures and grainy atmospheres.

Yes, this record took a painfully long time to piece together but I’m really happy with the final feel of it. It’s a deliberately nostalgic affair drawing on some early-eighties soundtracks for inspiration (Firestarter by Tangerine Dream and Opera sauvage by Vangelis to name a few). But I didn’t want it to be the sort of endless soundscape that hangs in the background and I think the beats pull everything together and keep things moving up the middle.

Available now on BANDCAMP.


Approaching Dominance Album Cover by TeleForce


1970s American New Wave Header

Look, anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy affinity for movies made in the 70s. I like the anti-heroes; the Bobby Dupeas, the Travis Bickles, the Popeye Doyles — characters who are hard to like at first, characters with grit, with baggage, characters who make mistakes — sometimes BIG mistakes.

The Parallax View Warren BeattyI like stories about ordinary people who are thrust into extraordinary circumstances, like when a timid David Sumner must defend his “home” and everything he stands for from being destroyed by an angry mob in Peckinpah’s brutal Straw Dogs. Or when Cosmo Vittelli is forced to do a hit for the mafia after getting himself into a steep gambling debt in Cassavetes’ The Killing of a Chinese Bookie.

I like stories with ambiguous endings — I like the bittersweet aftertaste — the ending without all the loose ends getting tied up, no getting the girl and riding off into the sunset because life just isn’t like that. Five Easy Pieces, Taxi Driver, The Conversation. What changes at the end? Nothing. Everything. Even Rocky — holy crap, after all that, he lost the fight! But did he win something else?

And I like when things just end badly, because life is like that too. Like in Pakula’s excellent The Parallax View, or in Chinatown, or Dog Day Afternoon. Consequences can be deadly. Or how about Donald Sutherland’s deranged scream at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

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Hostile Worlds

Hostile Worlds by Mark Wilson / Sci-fi-Action Soundtrack / Released Sept 16, 2014

For the past year or so I’ve been quietly composing a collection of songs for what I’m calling the “ultimate sci-fi-thriller-action movie soundtrack”.

Well, it may not be the ultimate, but here it is….

“Hostile Worlds” is an edgy, intense thrust into an uncertain future — a deep, dark outer space where no one can hear you scream. Or fire a pulse-rifle.

I was inspired to write these songs after reading Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War — something about “marines in space” (pre-Aliens) and the explicit parallels to what was, at the time of writing, a very real and horrifying Vietnam War conjured up these wrenching metallic sounds and pounding drum patterns.

In the words of Vasquez, “Let’s rock!”

Hostile Worlds Album Cover